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Oct 2022 to Dec 2022


Talentu is a company that helps businesses to find the best candidates to work in blue collar jobs companies. In order to increase their range of services, I was tasked to design a product that could provide HR departments with the capacity to generate and manage legal documentation whilst helping to reduce the need for unnecessary legal advice.

The result was a SaaS platform containing over a hundred of legal documents to manage all day-to-day employee related matters.


For this project, a previously created customer journey map and a competitor analysis were used and conducted to identify the project’s objectives and to anticipate the activities needed for its development.

As a result, information synthesis activities, such as empathy maps, pain points, and personas, were constructed to organize the data and write actionable problem statements.


  • Not all HR departments have a document system that is organized and easy to use.  
  • HR departments depend on legal advice for everything related to the documentation of their employees. 
  • Companies usually have to wait long times before their employees send back their work documents signed.

Design Stage

It was then proposed a SaaS type product that could keep in its database a full range of legal documents easy accessible to the HR staff . With this in mind, an Information Architecture was mocked to identify main functionalities, main pages and basic flows.

Information Architecture

Lo-fi wireframes were mocked to understand if the number of screens were going to be consistent with the ones proposed in the Information Architecture.

Lo-Fi Wireframes


A heuristic evaluation was performed and the results suggested improvements for the search options, a clearer layout of sections, more efficiency of use and a more detailed way to keep the users informed about where they are and where are going.

Heuristic Evaluation

Design Iteration

Considering the results from the heuristic evaluation several UI changes, the creation of new flows were designed such as, “continue with document” and “electronic signature”, and new features were added such as “table view”, “Sidenav navigation”or “Adding Personalized Documents”.

Design System

The design system used for this project is as follows:

Design System
Desing System


Working on this project was an eye-opening experience that taught me a lot about how to manage teams with lean methodologies.

Some key takeaways from this research project are:

Follow your MVP plan. By strictly follow the proposed MVP plan can help
deliver a quality product in time.

Involve the dev team since the beginning. This helps to reduce any rework
or technical limitations that might have not been considered by the

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