Senior UX Research

Senior UX/UI Design



From Feb 2023 to Feb 2024


Asurvio is a company specializing in delivering driver updates. To expand their product offerings, I was tasked with designing a new product from concept to launch that could offer users internet safety services not currently addressed by traditional security products.

The result was a browser extension that allows users to manage their internet safety on their own terms based on informed decisions.


For this project, a competitor analysis was conducted to identify the types of services and features offered by other companies and how these are delivered to users.


  • Although several companies offer internet safety alternatives, most of them do not allow users to make changes to the default settings. 
  • The information about safety and protection seems to be lengthy and sometimes very technical, which could overwhelm some users.

Design Stage

The design phase began by creating an Information Architecture and a User Flow to ensure that we could identify all the features of the app and have an initial understanding of the users’ potential navigation patterns.

Mid-fi wireframes were created to confirm if the features and flows were consistent.

Design Iteration

After collecting feedback from stakeholders and the development team, several iterations were made to the initial designs by working more closely on each feature. This process ensured that the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) remained a priority.

Design System & Style Guide

The Design System used for this project was from MUI and the Style Guide was adapted to the requirements of the Marketing department.

Design System
Design System
Design System
Design System


Some key takeaways from this research project are:

Always maintain organized documentation that tracks all changes from version 1.

Collaborate with stakeholders and the development team as much as possible to understand constraints and the project’s potential scope.

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