Senior UX Research

Senior UX/UI Design



From Feb to May 2024


Asurvio’s main product (DS1) offered users the ability to enhance any app’s performance by reallocating a device’s resources from one app to another. However, results from analysing user behaviour demonstrated that not many users were interested in or used this feature.

It was then requested to redesign this feature into a stand-alone app where users could better understand its use and benefits.


After reviewing several hours of user footage on the main product, it was identified that most users did not care to use this feature. This was primarily because the provided information was not relevant or tied to the real purpose of the feature, and the UI did not provide enough feedback on the changes happening within the device’s apps.

Based on our findings from the feature analysis, we brainstormed possible solutions to the identified challenges and considered other additions that could make the feature better and more understandable. Following that, we created lo-fi wireframes and made corrections that were tested along the way.

Design Stage

An Information Architecture was crafted to understand how the current features would align with the new ones.

Information Architecture

Design Iteration

After many iterations, we created a mobile and desktop app with an easy-to-navigate interface to enhance the user experience, making it more informative and dynamic.

New features such as turning off background apps, app optimization, and app clean up were also added as main features. Also this designs prioritize the use of a style guide derived from the MUI Design System.


By redesigning the App Optimization feature into a stand-alone app, we allowed users to access more related features and added a new product to an already growing family of products.

Certainly, there are many more features that could be added in the future to continue growing this product.

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